“I love not human the less, 
                                 but Nature more.”

The theme of the collection is Wildness. 

This collection expresses the independence of women and brings out their hidden instinct of gentleness and softness. It’s the story of heroines and their gift of sweetheart. 

The absolute contrast in feminine qualities expresses two streams of Strength and Sensibility by using the combination of solid and smooth satiny fabrics. 

The two main streams stay in each creation repainted by the touch of nature. Each feminine spirit gives each creation different life. 

The inspiration of the collection came the nature. The creations are named by their inspiration as, Robe Octopus, Robe Corail, Robe Poisson, Robe Anemone, Robe Armadillo, Robe Papillon… The collection has been realized with technical graphic constructions and unique handmade embroideries to express the most sensible spirit of Life.